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We feel we can offer a unique service: not just helping to stage your home for sale, but also get all those 'small' building jobs done to make the house sharper and more saleable. We can also accompany house buyers when looking at properties to give advice on the possibilities the house might offer for improvement.

What is Home staging?
Home staging is some or all of these things
  • Decluttering
  • Getting all those little jobs done, like fixing the leaky tap, loose tiles or squeaky door
  • Bringing in furniture to dress an empty house or apartment
  • Making the best of what you have to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible
  • Making you standout, in an online world of endless images

Garden Rooms

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Why a garden room?
  • An office
  • A gym
  • A place to just chill
  • A studio
  • Endless possibilities

Every one of our builds is unique. Unlike many companies out there, we are not working to a fixed template and just giving you a slight variation on a couple of themes. The main frames are made from treated, sustainable timber. Working this way means we are only limited by imagination(and the restrictions of permitted development!). The rooms can be clad in everything from Siberian Larch, to corrugated steel, and the insides can be finished in traditional plasterboard, or a range of more contemporary styles. We can work any windows and doors into the designs that you like.

We insulate the rooms to a higher standard than most UK homes, making them comfortable places to be throughout the year.

We minimise disruption in your garden by avoiding digging out huge holes for traditional foundations and instead use a mixture of pile solutions that go in more quickly and with less environmental damage, whilst still being a very solid base for the build. 

Chat to us, and let us give you a free, no obligations site visit and quotation

Unique rooms, designed to fit your requirements and be a real statement

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